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How to Set up Static IP for SurfShark VPN on Ubuntu 18.04

In this post, I will show you how to set up Static IP for SurfShark VPN on Ubuntu 18.04 using the Ubuntu Network Manager. You can easily set up SurfShark VPN by following the easy to follow steps in this post. SurfShark VPN also provides a command-line tool to connect to their VPN servers but we are not going to use that instead, we are going to use the manual setup which is far easier and provides more control than their client for Linux. So let’s get started.

To use simply the SurfShark VPN please read my post How to Set up SurftShark VPN on Ubuntu 18.04

Step 1 – Go to SurfShark

First of all, you need to login to your SurfShark account. Go to http://SurfShark and hit the Log In as given in the screenshot below:

surfshark vpn home page

Step 2 – Login to your SurfShark Account

After clicking the Log In button you will see the following page:

surfshark vpn login page

Type your email, password and hit the red Log In button. After the successful login you will see your SurfShark dashboard as given below:

Step 3 – Reveal the Devices

surfshark vpn user account

Click the Devices from the dashboard, as pointed with the red arrow, to land the Devices page. Scroll down the Devices page until you see the Manual button as given in the following screenshot:

Step 4 – Go to the Available VPN Servers

surfshark vpn manual way

By clicking the Manual you will be directed to the manual page and you need to scroll a bit down to get the Show all configuration files.

Step 5 – Reveal All the Server Configurations

surfshark vpn server configurations

Click the Show all configuration files button and you could see all the available servers to be connected along with their country name.

Step 6 – Download Manchester Server Configuration File

Look for the United Kingdom – Manchester, hover over it and click TCP to download the vpn configurations for this server as given in the following screenshot:

SurfShark VPN config file for UK Manchester server

The file containing the vpn configurations will be downloaded as shown below.

SurfShark VPN dowlnloaded file

We have downloaded the important configurations, next we need to create the VPN connection to use the chosen server.

Step 7 – Open Network Settings

Click on the WiFi connection icon and a drown down menu will be open as shown below:

open VPN Network Settings

Click on the VPN Off and hit the VPN Settings to open the Network settings.

Please note that this article is for Ubuntu 18.04. See my post How to Setup SurfShark VPN on Ubuntu 16.04 to setup SurfShark VPN on Ubuntu 16.04.

Step 8 – Add VPN

Add SurfShark VPN

In the given screenshot, the Network is opened(as selected in the left pane). From the VPN section, click the + button, pointed with the red arrow and you will see the popup saying Add VPN.

Step 9 – Import the Configuration File

Import SurfShark VPN configuration file

Click on Import from file… and you will see the select file to import dialogue box and select the you have just downloaded.

After selecting the file you will see the configuration pop up as shown below:

SurfShark VPN config window

In the case of Static IP we need the following:

  • username
  • password
  • IP address

All the fields are pointed by the arrows. Also, feel free to change the Connection Name of your choice.

Step 10

To get the IP address of UK Mangchester server just copy the server name from the Gateway field and ping the it as shown below:

Getting Static IP by pinging to SurfShark VPN

This will show you the IP address (Your IP address can be different from what I got). Note it down to use in the next step.

Step 10 – Get SurfShark Service Credentials

We need the username and password to connect the SurfShark‘s UK Manchester server as a proxy. Scroll down the page where you have downloaded the VPN configuration file (Step 6) and you will see the Get service credentials section. Copy the username and password.

Get service credentials from SurfShark VPN

Step 11 – Add the Credentials to Add VPN Window

After getting the username, password and IP (from step 10) paste IP in the Gateway field and username, password in the User name, Password fields in the VPN configuration dialogue (opened in step 9) and fields filled with values are shown in the following screenshot:

Adding Static IP SurfShark VPN config window

Also change the Name to UK – Manchester and hit the green Add button on the top right corner.

Step 12 – Connect to the Newly Created VPN Connection

The connection is ready along with the configuration. Next, we need to Connect the UK – Manchester VPN connection. For this turn the switch, before the UK – Manchester VPN, on as shown in the screenshot:

Connect to the SurfShark VPN

Step 13 – Test IP Address

After getting successfully connected, as you can see a lock icon at the top right corner, to the SurfShark VPN it’s time to test if you really have connected with a UK based VPN server or not. For this open up your browser and browse the and you will see the UK on the map which means the request getting proxied from the UK server instead of from your own country’s server.

Check SurfShark VPN connection

Congratulations, you have successfully setup SurfShark VPN on Ubuntu 18.04. If you have any issue please ask me in comments. Also, read my post How to setup SurftShark VPN on Ubuntu 16.04

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